29 May 2017 05:21
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Would you like to see the CFA split up between staff and vols?

44% [31 Votes]

43% [30 Votes]

13% [9 Votes]

Votes: 70
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Started: 01/02/2017 17:25

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Guidelines / House Rules

Welcome to the CFASTREAM web site and discussion forums

This site represents friendship, learning, sharing and exploring

The Administration Team comprises Super Administrators and Administrators/Moderators. They are -

Super Administrators: 4deck and cfastream

Administrators/Moderators: Robbo, Wooly, fletchba, John-R14, Firebabe, Keith P, NCIS, ts marshall, GT, billy_308, Barjarg1, Capt Koala, Sacker and Cougar.

The Administration Team is available to all members at all times and will make every attempt to help you achieve maximum benefit and enjoyment from your Membership

CFASTREAM ask you to agree and abide by the following Rules

Age of members:

* We adopt the same policy for Junior Membership as CFA, if you are under 18, you will require parental or guardian consent to join; A form is available upon request
* The Administration Team will ban you from the site if you attempt to join deceptively.

Member Accounts:

* Your Username (or Nick) must be appropriate and not offensive
* Your Username (or Nick) can only be change by the Admin team, if you wish to change it contact one of the admins
* We prefer you openly identify yourself with your Brigade Name and Region/Location
* If you are not a member of CFA (or another Emergency Service), please identify yourself appropriately
* The use of multiple accounts is not permitted and if discovered, shall be deleted
* Your Username (or Nick) shall be no more than 12 characters long
* A combination of letters and numbers can be used in creating your Username (or Nick)
* The Administration Team reserves the right to alter and/or delete your Username (or Nick) if it is deemed inappropriate or conflicts with an existing Username (or Nick)

Private Messaging and Email:

* Private Messages (PMs) and Emails can be sent to other members
* Our Rules and Codes of Practice apply regarding content
* You may not use PMs or Emails for commercial advertising purposes
* If complaints are received by the Administration Team of any inappropriate or offensive PMs or Emails, you will receive a warning
* Conversely, you have the right to complain to the Administration Team of any inappropriate or offensive PMs or Emails you receive
* The Administration Team reserves the right to make appropriate judgments and take action accordingly

Courtesy and Language:

* Common courtesy must be used at all times
* Human nature and misunderstandings are a fact of life
* Attempt to put your points across clearly and succinctly
* Apologise if you are inadvertently upset a fellow member
* Adopt a constructive discussion approach to your input
* Make your arguments persuasive and positive
* Refrain from being deliberately argumentative
* The Administration Team will make every effort to arbitrate any member concerns
* Use Language appropriately and refrain from using “text talk”
* Try to use correct grammar to ensure your message is clearly understood
* The Administration Team are more than willing to help you in clarifying your messages
* Do not use capital letters as this represents shouting (unless capital letters are necessary for context)
* Use Smiley faces to ensure your comments are read and understood correctly
* Remember the written form can mean different things to different people
* Ensure your comments are appropriate and non offensive at all times
* Any profanity or sexual harassment of any kind in any form will not be tolerated
* In respect of the CFA and the other emergency services represented on this site inflammatory remarks or personal attacks on the CFA or any other emergency organisation or members of this site will NOT be tolerated.
* The Administration Team reserves the right to amend or delete your posts if they are deemed to breach any privacy issues, are argumentative, profane or offensive
* Repeat inappropriate behaviour will result in banning
* No political or sexual discussion/debate and no religious debate. These topics usually result in heated,
angry discussions. While these are important topics, remember, this is a firefighting forum. If you feel
the need to engage in these topics, there are many other places on the internet where these discussions
are more appropriate and appreciated.

Stay on Topic:

* Forums are created by members to discuss a specific topic
* You are asked to keep your comments to that topic
* If you wish to discuss a related matter, please start a new forum
* The Administration Team reserves the right to close any forum if the Rules have been breached

Posting Pictures:

* There are two forum categories where you can create threads to post any photos if you wish. The first is Open For Discussion - as it says open for positive discussion and the author is reminded that the "REPORT" button is there should they feel the need to use it and an admin will act upon an authors request. User names the topic when they create it.

The second category is Not For Discussion - basically people who are hesitant on negative feedback etc can use this option and provided there is an admin handy we will endeavour to lock it so pics can be viewed ONLY with no comments, any further threads created in relation to these pictures will also be deleted. Author names the topic when they create it.

* If a thread is being discussed about a particular incident and you wish to post pictures of said incident you have two options, post them in that thread and they will be considered open for discussion, or create a new thread under the Not for Discussion category and create a link in the incident thread. Appropriate pictures can be posted in any thread, but will be deemed open for discussion.

* Picture size should be no greater than 810 x 810 pixels
* A resizing program is available from the downloads section
* Acknowledgement must be given to the originator of any picture posted
* You must seek permission from the originator of any picture before posting
* The originator of the picture has sole discretion to grant or deny permission
* The Administration Team reserves the right to delete pictures where due acknowledgement or permission has not been given or sought

The Shout Box:

* The Shout Box is used to give brief and friendly messages to other members
* Do not use the Shout Box as a forum for discussion
* Do not post inappropriate, offensive or confidential matters in the Shout Box
* The Administration Team reserves the right to edit or delete any Shout Box posts

No Spam:

* Spam refers to invasive, unsolicited information, commercial or otherwise
* Posting advertisements for web pages, retailers or services is not permitted
* Posting repeat posts to increase your post count is also not permitted
* The Administration Team reserves the right to edit or delete any Spam messages

News and rumours:

* The posting of constructive news and appropriate rumours is welcomed
* The content of such posts must not breach any copyright or privacy laws
* You must validate your sources of any news or rumours at the time of posting
* The Administration Team reserves the right to delete any news or rumours that are not substantiated in fact or breach any relevant legislation

Avatars and Signatures:

* You can provide your own Avatars or use those available on the site
* Avatars must not be offensive or violate the Rules
* Avatars should be no bigger than 100x100 pixels
* Do not include any images in your Signature
* The Administration Team reserves the right to delete any inappropriate Avatars or Signatures


* Plagiarism is not tolerated
* You must rightfully acknowledge the author of any work or product you use
* Work or Product includes anything that is verbal, written or pictorial
* You must not incite others to acts of Plagiarism
* The Administration Team reserves the right to ban any member who breaches this protocol

Emergency Service and Government Monitors:

* Monitors from any Emergency Service and Government Departments can have access to this site
* Any concerns regarding appropriateness are to be addressed to the Administration Team in the first instance

Complaints Process

* Within Forums you will find a small button on the top right corner cfastream.info/themes/Cfastream/forum/report2.gif
* Pressing this will send a message to the Administration Team with a link to the specific thread
* Effectively this is a “complaint button” and should be used only if you feel a breach of the Rules has occurred
* The Administration Team will investigate appropriately and if required discuss your concerns more fully with you
* The Administration Team will make every effort to arbitrate any complaint
* You are asked not to use this process frivolously

Warnings and Banning:

Members who break any of the Rules will be issued either First, Second or Third and Final Warnings via PMs or Email

* A First Warning advises you of any breaches of the Rules and will make requests of you to modify your behaviour and apologise if required

* A Second Warning means your membership will be suspended for 7 days. You will be required to make an undertaking not to re offend before your membership is reinstated

* A Third and Final Warning will result in notification that your membership may be banned at the discretion of the Administration Team

* The Administration Team will make every effort to ameliorate any issue
* The Administration Team reserves the right of final judgment in any matter
* The Administration Team will consult executively before issuing any Third and Final Warnings
* The decision of a Third and Final Warning is absolute


These Rules are in place to ensure everyone receives the best from their membership, a co-operative approach from all members would be most appreciated.

We look forward to enjoying your contributions
Edited by Capt Koala on August 11 2009 12:12:55
Still having fun!

 http://www.facebook.com/SteveHewett  http://twitter.com/#!/aus_67stang
Please read the updated information regarding the posting of pictures.
Any concerns etc - Send me a PM or email:
Capt Koala
Please read the updated information regarding the posting of political/religious posts
contact me at captkoala@cfastream.info
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