29 May 2017 05:23
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MMR And control Chan
I have programmed up a P25 Radio with RX only control channels for the use of MMR.
I have allocated "Channels" relevant to the need eg: Chan 1 is MFB Central TGID 10000
so on and so forth.
My issue is whist turned on and in car the radio site hops depending on RSSI as it should but
I cant always hear audio despite knowing that a transmission is taking place.

Should all control chans be tx-ing relevant info so theoretically as long as I am in range
I should be hearing something.

Or should I only re-program known sites that work?
Or are there really only 5 actual sites doing the work?

Dunno what the issue is.
Find 'em' HOT leave 'em' WET
You'd be better off posting on one of the Australian or Victorian scanner sites.
The system will only allocate a channel on a site, if there is a legitimate radio attached to that site.

i.e. if your trying to listen to MFB channel 1 on a site like Mt Dandenong or Mt Cottrell, and no MFB appliances are attached to that site (as on Channel 1 they will almost always be on one of the two city sites), then you will hear nothing.

So your scanner will hop onto the strongest site, but if no real radio is on that site, you will hear nothing as the TG never goes out on that site.

This also applies to the RRDS network.

If you set you scanner to your nearest site, and no appliance has their radio switched on and attached to that site, you will hear nothing despite all hell breaking loose in some other part of your District.

Your best bet is to set the scanner to the most logical site that is guaranteed to have radios attached. For MFB this is most likely the City for channels 1-4, for RRDS try and pick a site with a station close by that has a radio in it that is always turned on (or any of the 'Major' radio sites like Mt William, or Mt Macedon, or Mt Tassie etc etc etc.
"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool"
On the subject of RRDS if you are lucky to live in the town that the district HQ is in you should be able to lock onto the logical site that it would lock onto due to the streaming of the dispatch channels. It also pays for a home base install and a mobile install asl well to have a few big and a few local control channels programmed in, purely for the reasons that Mouse just said
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